First Hike of 2022: What an Earthworm (and the Dalai Lama) Can Teach Us

The first hike of 2022 brought me back to Patapsco Valley State Park on a freakishly warm day in January the day before I was supposed to return back to work from winter break.  I had gone back and forth about hiking Harpers Ferry, but Maria and I decided on Patapsco so that we could … More First Hike of 2022: What an Earthworm (and the Dalai Lama) Can Teach Us

Just Be

On the way to our hike today, the kids and I drove up Route 97 in Maryland and I noticed how brown the leaves looked.  This past week I’ve noticed more of the dark reds, and browns on the leaves, and I started to get upset that soon the branches will be bare.  The time … More Just Be

Go Get Lost Friends.

This weekend’s hike was initially supposed to be a return to Shenandoah to a mountain, but at the last minute due to some possible afternoon thunderstorms and the distance to travel there, Maria and I decided to return to Patapsco Valley State Park instead.  We met at 6:30 in the morning at the Landing Road … More Go Get Lost Friends.

Hiking on Ice

I like winter hiking- from the silence of the woods, to the bright winter light that casts long shadows. It reminds me of cross country skiing when I was a kid in Massachusetts.  Most of Maryland doesn’t get much snow, but this past week we got some snow, then an ice storm, followed by freezing … More Hiking on Ice