Time Off in Texas

This past week we flew down to Houston, Texas to visit family. Ken’s aunt, uncle and their adult children all live around the Katy, Texas area. We spent most of the week either indoors or in pools because the heat was nearly unbearable. We ate good food, but I didn’t photograph any of it nor note the restaurants because I took the week “off.”

I was offered and accepted a new job while I was in Texas, which also means that I resigned as a teacher after 16 years. Although I am thrilled for the flexibility that this new job gives me, I’m sad about leaving the education field. Once upon a time I wanted nothing more than to be in academia. I loved teaching and then things started to change. My pay didn’t keep up with inflation. My students were no longer concerned about consequences. Parents started to side with their students on every single matter and now it often feels like students get whatever they want. “I can’t learn when I’m not listening to music.” “I’m texting my mom, she needs to be able to get in touch with me at all times. “Go ahead and send me to the office, nothings going to happen.” Students don’t actually know what’s best for them. Neither do most politicians. And parents? Yes, they know their children best, at home. Unless parents have studied education, child development, child psychology, then I’m sorry no, parents do not know what’s best for their children in schools. And while I’m on this rant they also don’t know best in doctors offices, nor anywhere where someone has been educated and trained in that field.

I feel like I gave up. It feels a lot like it did when I left my marriage. It feels a hell of a lot like failure. I know I did what’s best for me and my family, but I also have these aging thoughts about the kids I left behind that were looking forward to learning more French from me. If I had just tried harder… If I held out a few more years maybe things would change… If I could have hung in there for the students who wanted to learn…

So I don’t have a “real” weekly blog post about my trip to Texas because a huge life change happened in the huge state. I changed course, but my journey continues.


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