Take Me Home, Skyline Drive

I decided to keep my outline here and let this be a barebones post:

Sunrise hike at Read Mountain Preserve

Write some shit here about hiking in the morning and then taking the scenic way home from Roanoke via the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. Don’t forget to mention the bald eagles, throw some good quotes in there and wrap it up with a message to an audience who hopefully gets at least something out of these posts.

The hike was last minute and unplanned so I wore a cardigan over a workout top and drank coffee as I climbed

To say I’m feeling less than inspired today is an understatement. I just made the same mistake three times in a row and even though I fixed it, the system won’t update for 24 hours so I am sitting, and waiting and writing apologetic emails explaining my errors. I was a good teacher, and now I am learning something entirely new and it has been taking a toll on my ego. Ego is the Enemy is on my next up to re-read. Like the bald eagles nearly went extinct, and now they’re population is blossoming, I too will eventually become good at this job. It will just take time. 

A bald eagle in Shenandoah as seen from my moving car (shhh don’t tell my mom)

“My mistakes have been my greatest mentors.” – Steve Maraboli

Also, my last tidbit on this scant post is this – the drive through mountains is beautiful but all I wanted to do was get out and walk. I recommend not driving it if you’re a hiker just for the sake of the drive. Secondly, the slow, leisurely, relaxing and scenic way home is a great idea until you’re stuck in DC traffic and then it is slow and leisurely but not so much scenic nor relaxing. Avoiding the Metro DC area around 3-6 pm is advisable. 


Old Rag Mountain as seen from Skyline Drive

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